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AppVN is one of the newest third-party app installers released, offering a ton of paid iOS app store apps and games for free. Anything you could possibly think of that’s in the official app store is here, and you will also find a selection of apps that have been deleted from the official store too. AppVN works on both iOS and Android devices and is dead simple to use, without needing to root or jailbreak your device and, with so few jailbreaks about right now for iOS users, installers like AppVN are the way to go.

Image : Delete AppVN App

Its very simple to download AppVN even though it isn’t in any official app store. You can find full download tutorials at the link below for both iOS and Android, and you will also find plenty of other information about the installer:

While most users have found AppVN to be satisfactory, some can’t get on with it and others have found a few minor problems with it. Sometimes the best way to deal with small problems is to delete AppVN and reinstall it , this seems to work for most people so we’re going to show you how to delete AppVN from your device:

How to Delete AppVN :

Deleting AppVN is easy to do; the instructions below are for iOS devices , Android users should delete AppVN in the way they would delete any app from their device. Here’s how to delete it from iOS:

  1. Unlock your iOS device screen  
  2. Locate the AppVN icon on your home screen , don’t open it
  3. Tap and hold the icon until it starts wiggling
  4. In the top right corner of the icon is a small cross , tap this 
  5. Now tap Delete on the confirmation window
  6. AppVN will now be removed from your device

Video: See how these steps are done

Should you want to, you can easily reinstall AppVN by following the guide at the link above.

AppVN, along with all the other third-party apps, will never fully replace Cydia. They can’t possibly go to the same depth that a jailbreak can offer but they are great alternatives to getting some extra content on our devices.

Try AppVN today, its free and anyone can use it. Let us know what you think of it and whether you needed to delete it for any reason. Perhaps it didn’t offer what you wanted? For more updates and jailbreak news you can follow us on Facebook.



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