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Next to iOS, Android is one of the more popular of the mobile operating systems and much of that is down to the fact that it is a more flexible platform, that users can download just about any app. However, premium apps are not cheap and when you need several of them, it can add up. Even more so if the apps you use go out of date and new ones cost even more. There is a way around it and its an app installer called AppVN.

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What is AppVN Android ?

AppVN is an unofficial app store that is full of apps and games, all for free. Originally released for iOS, it has support for Android, allowing user free access to all the app store games and apps they could possibly want. There is no need to subscribe, no fees to pay and all the content is free. There is also no need to root your Android device to use AppVN, but the download instructions must be followed as written otherwise you may not download AppVN.

AppVN is also home to a whole heap of modified content. These apps and games have been given extra features, in-app features, and purchases that you would usually have to pay for, as well as other features that give the app or game more functionality. As with all the other apps and games, these are also free to download and use.

How to Download AppVN for Android :

Downloading AppVN onto your Android device requires you to download the APK file first , you can’t get this app from the app store, so you will need to follow these steps very carefully as this is the only way to download it:

  1. Open Settings > Security on your Android tablet or smartphone 
  2. Look for the Unknown Sources option and enable it , if you don’t, AppVN cannot download to your device 
  3. On your PC or Mac, download the AppVN APK File
  4. Unzip the file and extract the contents
  5. Find the appvn.apk file and send it to yourself via email
  6. Go to your Android device, open your email and download the file
  7. Find it on your device and double-tap it to start the download process
  8. When AppVN has finished installing you can begin using it for all your apps and games 

The steps might look a bit involved but, provided you follow them carefully, the entire process takes just a few minutes.

Do let us know how you get on with AppVN for Android and follow us on Facebook for more tips like this one.

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