What Is AppVN ?

The future of jailbreaking isn’t looking very hopeful right now. In the last two years, there have been few jailbreaks available and those have been limited to a few users, leaving most of the jailbreak community with no access to Cydia. Thankfully, there have been some alternatives released, a handful of third-party app installers that have tried to provide us with some of what Cydia used to. One of the most missed features of jailbreaking is the ability to download paid app store apps for free and one of the most recent installers, called AppVN, allows us to do just that, without the jailbreak attached.

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What is AppVN ?

AppVN is a third-party installer, an unofficial iOS app store packed with apps, games and other software for iOS devices. A popular installer in India, Brazil and Vietnam, AppVN has now been made available globally, so everyone can take advantage of what it has to offer. It is packed with content, even down to stuff you can’t find in the official store and is well worth trying. Have a look at some of the best features AppVN offers:

AppVN Features :

  • Free to download and use
  • No need to jailbreak 
  • Supports Android devices too
  • Works on iOS 9 through to iOS 11 on all supported devices
  • Available in several languages, including English
  • Packed with thousands of iOS apps and games
  • Even apps deleted from the official iOS app store can be found here
  • Plenty of free TV shows, eBooks and other content, all available with no need to install Cydia first
  • Plenty more features

With jailbreaks at a real premium now, app installers like AppVN are very welcome. Offering all the content you need, all the iOS apps and games, themes, eBooks and other apps or software you could possibly want, AppVN stands to provide much of what Cydia used to.

There isn’t much chance of a fully working jailbreak right now; too many updates have been pushed out, fixing security holes and closing the gaps. The only hope we have is that, with iOS 11 drawing to a close, the developers may be able to find some forgotten exploit and use it to produce a jailbreak utility for all of us.

Download AppVN :

AppVN is simple to download and will take just a couple of minutes. There are several methods to choose from and we detail all of them in the linked post below:

You don’t have anything to lose by trying AppVN. It’s free, you don’t need a jailbreak, which makes it available to everyone, and, although you can’t get your Cydia tweaks, you can still get all that app store content for free.

Try AppVN today, and tell us what you think of it; does it have your favorite apps and games ? Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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